Larimar Meaning, Cost, And Its Healing Properties

Larimar is the calming stone that shows the depths of the clear blue happy sea and the dancing of the bright sun rays right beneath one layer of the sparkling water. It entices the person into its patterns when she looks closely. It's hypnotizing. It's majestic. The beauty of this gemstone is adored that it is now used to create jewelry for the world.

Geologically speaking, Larimar belongs to the silicate mineral family. It is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite. And geographically speaking, it is only found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, the reason for its rarity and value.

Fun Fact About Larimar:

When you look at Larimar, it appears to be the coolest. In reality, it is obtained from the hottest natural resource of the Earth, a volcanic cavity!!

The origin of Larimar is the volcanic mountains of the Dominican Republic.

When the gasses underneath the Earth push the hot crystallized minerals up to the surface, they are thrown out through the openings of volcanic mountains. When I say thrown out, don't assume that they pop out and scatter around the volcanic mountain like popcorn. Instead, they are pushed up to the volcanic tubes much above the core. Then the miners have to dive inside and get these beautiful gemstones.

There are a few instances, though, when they popped out to the surface, on the beach. Had it not been this way, Larimar would've never been discovered.

Larimar Is Obtained From The Sea Is A Myth

It was back in 1974 when Mandez (the discoverer of Larimar) was walking on the beach and found a beautiful blue stone under his feet. Eventually, the localities started collecting this gemstone until one day when there were no more left.

Mandez decided to go upstream to find the source of this gemstone. Then to his surprise, he found the actual cause that is creating this brilliant gem. It was a volcanic mountain. The stone was then examined and given the designation of a gemstone, which will be used to create jewelry.

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Eventually, this gemstone gained its importance, and sterling silver jewelry items with Larimar embedded in it became popular across the globe.

Many enthusiasts started selling wholesale larimar jewelry, but only a few could manage to maintain quality.

Larimar is not only a gemstone to create beautiful jewelry but also has a particular meaning associated with it.

Larimar Meaning And Its Healing Properties

Larimar Meaning And Its Healing Properties

Larimar gemstone, because of the vibrations it possesses, resonates with that of the wearer in physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental ways.

It's a widespread issue among people that they put in a lot of hard work to make their life a success. Still, they never manage to manifest their dreams into reality. Larimar proves to be of great help for people like them.

Also, it takes care of your chakra health and keeps the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra in balance. If you're stressed for quite some time, then also, wearing larimar jewelry can do miracles.

And in cases where a person has cut all the emotional ties with the world to create a wall around her (because of bad past experiences), Larimar helps to break it. It reconnects her to the outside world.

One of the most unique larimar healing properties is that it helps cure phobias and disorders related to excessive anger and fear.

As already mentioned above, Larimar takes care of your chakra health. The most benefited one remains the throat chakra. Larimar gemstone hones the speech of the wearer, wherein improving her communication skills. This helps her to express herself in a better and more efficient way.

While discussing Larimar's meaning, it would be unfair if I don't mention the purpose it adds to your home, offices, or other physical spaces. When kept at the right places, it attracts calm, serenity, and joy, promoting a healthy and happy environment.

If you're looking forward to getting a new slant in your life, then wear a larimar pendant or keep it in contact with your body by any other means. You will feel the difference.

Now you know larimar meaning and the various healing properties it provides.

Keep Larimar In Contact With Your Body For Maximun Benefits

Pro Tip

If you want to gain the maximum advantage of these benefits, always keep Larimar gemstone directly in touch with your physical body.’

Moving forward, you must now want to get firsthand experience of all these benefits that larimar gemstone provides. Don't you? And you must be thinking about where to get the best quality larimar from? You're lucky enough to be reading this blog on the website of one of the best online larimar jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers.

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Larimar Cost

Now that you've decided to buy larimar jewelry for yourself, you must know the price at which Larimar gemstone jewelry is available. This is important for you to know so that you can make a comparison before investing your money.

The price of the larimar jewelry will be dependent upon three major factors mentioned below:

The color and texture that it possesses. The darker the color, the higher the price.

The size of the larimar gemstone used to curate the jewelry will also affect its price.

The design of the larimar jewelry and the intricacies incorporated to create the jewelry will be responsible for deciding the price.

Larimar Cost

The best quality larimar jewelry usually costs somewhere between $10 - $20 per gram (here I'm only referring to the weight of the gemstone). The price increases because of the factors mentioned above, and in maximum cases, it goes up because of the number of middlemen involved.

It starts adding up to the cost of the jewelry right from the stage when it begins its journey from the Caribbean until it finally reaches your jewelry box.

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The miners, manufacturers, designers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers all add up their profits at different jewelry creation stages.

Here, Sanchi And Filia P Designs is somewhat benefited in this regard and has been successfully delivering Larimar jewelry bulk orders across the world at unbelievable prices. It's $7 per gram of larimar gemstone.

If you're wondering how we manage to make this happen, I'll tell you the reasons.

So, first of all, the manufacturing of jewelry is done in the house, along with our own team of experienced jewelry designers.

Secondly, we are the wholesalers responsible for supplying the finished larimar jewelry orders to the retailers.

This saves us the cost involved had the services been outsourced, like most larimar jewelry wholesalers.

Lastly, we don't incorporate substantial profit margins on our jewelry.

Our primary aim is to cover the cost and provide salaries to our well-deserved artisans, craftsmen, and other employees.

Also, just to let you know, 'Sanchi And Filia P Designs' is recognized by various retailers across the globe as one of the most trusted jewelry wholesalers. This is especially true when it comes to the quality of the gemstones.

So now you know everything about larimar cost and capable of making a well-informed purchase decision.

Basically, we can say that now, after reading this blog, you know almost everything about the Larimar gemstone.

Still, if you have any queries regarding the same, drop it in the comments section below. We'll be happy to solve them.